External Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Treatment – Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Treatment – How Can I Ease The Pain?

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Behavior – How Can I Ease The Pain?

Hemorrhoids affect upwards of 40% of the population.  Hemorrhoids can either be internal or open-air.  Internal hemorrhoids tend to be pretty painless.  In fact you can have them for years and not even know it unless you notice blood in your stool or on a tissue after wiping.  On the flip side, open-air hemorrhoids are located on the exterior of the rectum and you nearly always know they are there because they cause a lot of itching and irritation.  It is also possible for blood clots to form inside the veins, which in turn cut off the blood supply and cause tremendous pain. 

A hemorrhoid that develops a blood clot is known as a thrombosed hemorrhoid.  If you get one you will know you have it because they are normally lumpy, hard, purplish in color and exceptionally painful. 

In some cases the pain from a thrombosed open-air hemorrhoid can be so painful that you have difficulty on foot or sitting.  If this is the case obtain medical help immediately.  Otherwise, there are some home remedies that work well for thrombosed hemorrhoid behavior; such as:

Warm Baths  – Sitting in a tub of warm water for 15 to 20 minutes will help reduce the size of the hemorrhoid and provide some relief from the itching and burning.  For optimal consequences take 3 to 4 warm sitz baths each day. 

Clean the Area Thoroughly – It is valuable to keep the area clean and dry to promote the corrective administer.  After each bowel passage be sure to clean the area with warm water or  moist cloth.  Doing this will preclude further irritation and inflammation.  It will also help the hemorrhoid heal quicker.

Aleve - Aleve is an anti-stirring medicine that will help reduce the hemorrhoid and provide temporary pain relief.

Ice – The coldness of the ice instantly gets rid of the burning, itching and irritation.  Apply as often as needed.

If a few days pass and your circumstances does not boost at all using these treatments, you should call your doctor.  It may be de rigueur for them to drain the blood clot.  This is a very thriving thrombosed hemorrhoid behavior and will offer critical pain relief. 

The quickest and most effective thrombosed hemorrhoid behavior is removing the blood clot.  This provides critical pain relief.   Do not attempt this at home.  It may not look hard but if done incorrect can cause a fantastic deal of trauma, hence why it should only be done by a medical certified.   You should also know that while draining the clot will bring critical relief, it does not mean that the hemorrhoid can not reoccur. 

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Open-air Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Behavior

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