Hemorrhoid Painful Bowel Movement – Hemorrhoids Pain Relief – Discover How You Can Get Relief Forever

Hemorrhoids Pain Relief – Learn How You Can Get Relief Forever

A deeper insight into symptoms and causes of hemorrhoids is de rigueur before delving into hemorrhoids pain relief. Hemorrhoids, or commonly known as piles, are the inflated or red-looking veins in the rectum or anus areas. If left natural they commonly get worse as time goes by, and the sufferer has to endure fantastic pain and ache mainly during bowel passage.

There are three types of hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids occur inside the rectum. The sufferer usually does not feel pain but there may be blood in the stool during bowel passage.
Prolapsed hemorrhoids occur when the internal hemorrhoids jut owing to the anus. It can be exceptionally painful.
Open-air hemorrhoids, usually itchy or painful, occur outside the anus. Blood may accumulate at the anus, and this can cause the area to be inflated and red-looking.


Hemorrhoids are caused by the boost in difficulty in the veins of the anus. Examples of two very common causes are (1) when difficulty is applied during a bowel passage, (2) when carrying heavy stuff


Pain and ache in the region around the anus
Itching and/or puffiness in the anus area
Lumps protruding from the anus area
Flow of blood which can be noticed from the toilet tissue

It could be a fatal mix to assume that only hemorrhoids can cause rectal flow of blood. Rectal flow of blood can be caused by other illnesses such as colorectal cancer or anal cancer. Or it can come from a further part of the digestive tract.

Precautions / Preventions:

Preclude constipation by consuming more fiber, vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains in your diet.
Drink at least ten glasses of water daily.
Exercise evenly but avoid strenuous exercise mainly those that exert difficulty around the rectum or anus areas. Also, stay fit and slim as solidity increases the risk of having hemorrhoids.
Avoid straining during bowel passage.
Ensure to thoroughly clean the anus area after every bowel passage. If possible use water or moistened toilet tissues/pads.

In most mild cases, over-the-deactivate medicines (salve and suppository) are effective to alleviate symptoms. But, symptoms may recur as these medications do not treat the root cause


Confiscation of hemorrhoids by surgery may be vital if the internal hemorrhoids are prolapsed or if they are very large.

If you are unfortunate enough to be among the thousands of hemorrhoids sufferers going owing to pain and agony, there is a hemorrhoids pain relief remedy.

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Hemorrhoid Painful Bowel Passage

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